We are very happy to present the VST plugin emulation of the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Plus (EDP)!
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While the EDP has been out of production for several years now it is still popular and much talked about. Many artists consider it to be simply the only looper which allows them the flexibility to express their art. The EDP boasts a rich and unique feature-set which, despite other manufacturers best efforts, has not yet been imitated.

In 1992 the Paradis LOOP Delay was the first device that enabled you to make a loop of any length just by tapping on a Record button. From that start the EDP was developed for over a decade, incorporating the suggestions and needs of the growing community of passionate live-looping artists. The EDP's inventors are artists themselves so they know the true importance of the freedom to easily create and express. The EDP encourages musical exploration because it's simple controls can be intuitively used to produce music never heard before!

"A lot of the looping features I ultimately came to love and depend on, were ones I had no idea about, and/or never had any interest in, until many months (or years) after getting my looper, and whatever point my curiosity was sufficiently nudged in the direction of those previously unnecessary functions." ____Andre Lafosse, about the EDP

Now, years after this ground-breaking looper changed the musical landscape of what was possible, the inventors of the Echoplex Digital Pro have taken this instrument even further, with Echoloop!

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Echoloop not only has all of the functionality of the EDP which live-looping musicians have come to enjoy and rely upon, Echoloop takes the EDP into the virtual world so you can now make the music you know and love as well as give voice to new and unheard creations in your favorite Digital Audio Application. Responding to all of the same midi commands as the Echoplex Digital Pro, Echoloop offers all of the same flexibility in a convenient and easy to use VST plugin. Anyone with a midi controller programmed for the EDP is ready to go with Echoloop.

Because it's a plugin, and not limited by the old hardware of the EDP, Echoloop has a number of advantages:

  • Stereo sound
  • Enhanced audio quality determined by your choice of audio interface
  • Hours of loop time (based on your computerís memory)
  • UP to 64 discreet loops
  • All parameters controllable by VST host
  • Improved display (see screenshot)
  • Controllable by hand held devices, e.g.with i-Pad via TouchOsc
  • Sends out midi data for display on remote devices
  • Run as many Echoloops together as you like


What's Next?

We are currently working on new software called Evoloop ( an evolution of Echoloop).

Evoloop, available as an update-able hardware looper and as a plugin, will offer all of Echoloop's features and more. All users will be entitled to upgrades as it evolves into a product capable of controlling multi-track loops.

Join us by becoming an Echoloop user and you'll be ready for the future!


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